Keep Poisons and Dangerous Traps Out of Your Home

Offering rodent control in Tinley Park, IL, Asbury, NJ, Birmingham, AL and Jacksonville, FL

If rodents, squirrels or raccoons have invaded your home, call Velocity Rodent/Wildlife Control. We offer humane, eco-friendly rodent control and wildlife removal services to residential and commercial property owners. Our animal control technicians hold wildlife trapping and rodent control licenses in Tinley Park, IL, Asbury, NJ, Birmingham, AL and Jacksonville, FL. We also working in the Chicago, IL and Trenton, NJ areas.

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3 reasons to call for wildlife control services

Pests aren’t just annoying—they’re dangerous. Rodents and small mammals:

01.Spread diseases and allergens in your home.

02.Present safety hazards by chewing wires.

03.Make your home vulnerable to water damage.

Velocity Rodent/Wildlife Control will use humane trapping tactics to remove and relocate animals from your property. Call our office in Birmingham, AL, Jacksonville, FL, Tinley Park, IL or Asbury, NJ now to arrange for wildlife control services.

We’ll barricade your home against future infestations

Velocity Rodent/Wildlife Control doesn’t just remove animals from your home. Our wildlife control services include making repairs to keep your home secure from future infestations. Rats, mice, squirrels and raccoons can leave pounds of organic material behind them. To prevent the spread of disease and odor, we’ll:

Remove and replace insulation | Clear away dead animals | Seal entry points

We provide repair services in Asbury, NJ, Birmingham, AL, Jacksonville, FL and Tinley Park, IL. Call 904-403-3471 to learn more about our animal damage repair services.