When it comes to Wildlife Removal and Control there are plenty of acceptable questions about how to handle it. The costs, what is involved and who is the best technician to call. Below you will find a fantastic resource on some of the most important questions.

1. What exactly is Animal Damage Control certification?

In this situation it means we know how to handle the damage done to your home or commercial property. We are certified and ready to remove the animal, sanitize and repair any damage that has been done to the home. In some cases your home insurance will cover the cost for repairs and removal.

2. What Should I be looking for in a rodent removal provider?

There are many operators in and around Florida that can take care of your rodent problem. But only certified and trained technicians should be the ones to do it. DO NOT LET YOUR PEST CONTROL COMPANY PUT POISON IN / AROUND YOUR HOUSE UNLESS IT IS PROPERLY SEALED!

3. How do we Price our Work?

This is a great question. Velocity Wildlife does Flat Rate, Per Animal and Per Trip. Depending on the needs and situation of our client. If you call and make an appointment we can discuss the situation and cost solutions over the phone once we have done a clear inspection of the situation.

4. What should I look for a pest management provider?

Great Service and Honesty. We Pride Ourselves on creating solutions for our clients not instigating more issues. IF you do not like one of our technicians let us know. If you are not happy with your service we are not happy with our work. DO NOT settle for a bad situation. We are here to help!

5. What Happens to the animal, is it hurt or put in a bad situation?

Absolutely not! All of our employees use the most up to date Humane tactics available to relocate animal. Now there are situations such as a rodent infestation in which elimination is a better solution but we do so in the most humane way possible. As long as home and animal can safely be seperated we will do it. We will do the best we can.

6. How exactly does the Animal Control Specialist Work?

We Arrive with Knowledge and Professionalism. We Find the Problem Explain the Problem
Create Solutions (Multiple if possible) Explain the solutions and how to do it Implement Solution and answer any questions and/or concerns