Did Pests Leave A Mess?

Find home repair services in Jacksonville, FL, Tinley Park, IL, Asbury, NJ or Birmingham, AL

After we remove animals from your home, Velocity Rodent/Wildlife Control can help with your home repair work. We can fix the damage and seal the area to make sure no other wildlife finds its way in. Typically, this involves sealing holes in the roof and other vulnerable places in your home.

We offer home repair services in Tinley Park, IL, Asbury, NJ, Birmingham, AL and Jacksonville, FL.

We’ll prevent future animal damage to your home

We’ll prevent future animal damage to your home

The best way to prevent animal damage is to keep pests out of your home. We seal common entry points, such as:

  • Holes
  • Plumbing lines
  • Vents

The team at Velocity Rodent/Wildlife Control will seal your vents and plumbing lines safely. Air and water will move normally, but animals won’t be able to access the line. Call our office in Asbury, NJ, Birmingham, AL, Jacksonville, FL or Tinley Park, IL now to schedule animal damage prevention services.