We’ll Kick Rodent Freeloaders Out Of Your Home

We’ll Kick Rodent Freeloaders Out Of Your Home

Schedule rat control services in Birmingham, AL, Jacksonville, FL, Tinley Park, IL or Asbury, NJ

Rats like the easy life, and they have no problem mooching off of humans. Often, this means squeezing their way into your attic and stealing food while you’re asleep. Velocity Rodent/Wildlife Control offers humane rat control services. We’ll trap the entire rat family, relocate them, and repair the damage they caused.

Call now to schedule rat control services. We operate in Asbury, NJ, Birmingham, AL, Jacksonville, FL and Tinley Park, IL.

We keep rats and mice under control

Don’t put up with mice. Control the problem with our rodent removal service. Velocity Rodent/Wildlife Control will:

  • Trap and relocate mice.
  • Remove dead mice from your vicinity.
  • Repair damage and prevent reentry.

Get mice under control by calling Velocity Rodent/Wildlife Control in Jacksonville, FL, Tinley Park, IL, Asbury, NJ or Birmingham, AL today.