We Provide Humane Rodent Control Solutions

We Provide Humane Rodent Control Solutions

Offering squirrel removal in Jacksonville, FL, Tinley Park, IL, Asbury, NJ and Birmingham, AL

Many pest control services leave poisoned bait in your home, then come back several days later to collect the bodies. Don’t deal with the smell, mental distress, or danger involved in that process. Call Velocity Rodent/Wildlife Control instead. Our humane squirrel removal procedure involves trapping and relocating the little invaders, not killing them.

Call our office in Tinley Park, IL, Asbury, NJ, Birmingham, AL or Jacksonville, FL today to arrange for humane squirrel removal services.

Call for raccoon removal and relocation services

We’re proud to offer humane raccoon removal services to residents in Asbury, NJ, Birmingham, AL, Jacksonville, FL and Tinley Park, IL. We do this by:

  • Using cage traps: When they take the bait, they’re trapped.
  • Installing excluder doors: Once they leave, they can’t come back.
  • Sealing entry points: After they’re gone, we seal all entry points.

Talk to one of our animal control experts today about the best raccoon removal method for your situation.